Ford F-350 R.R.A.T.?

Ford F-350 R.R.A.T.?

  • Special design unit, F350 chassis.

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  • Special design unit, F350 chassis.

  • Turbo Diesel engine  .

  • Automatic transmission.

  • 4WD.

  • Upgraded suspension.

  •  Run flats (7).

  • Federal light package.

  • Upgraded hinges.

  • Heavy duty chassis.

  •  Reinforced front and rear bumpers.

  •  Rear escape hatch.

  •  Special design interior.

  •  Full 360? protection complete. six side at Level B6 ( N.I.J. III) 

  •  Lots of options and special features.

"This unit offers the advantage of rapid replacement of ballistics materials, minimizing the time the vehicle  is out of service due to ballistic repairs".

 Also available level B6 or B7  in F450 & F550 versions