About US

Safety Source USA is an international wholesaler of firefighter protective products and industrial safety, with headquarters in Miami, Florida. Safety Source USA, is in one of North America’s export epicenters and therefore has many clients outside of the United States. Safety Source International has a team of dedicated professionals who will outsource all of your safety, security and industrial needs.

Founder and CEO Robert P. Lostal started Safety Source USA in 2001 with the idea of providing international and domestic customers with the concept of "a one-stop-shop". He saw a need and a void for a boutique procurement company and wanted to create a specialized extension of procurement departments worldwide, where clients could make purchases of direct, diversified products mixes with confidence. Today, the company outsources, purchases, consolidates and ships anywhere in the world as long as customer's requirements are within an internationally recognized legal standing.

As the world becomes increasingly technologically driven, Safety Source USA prides itself on unparalleled service standards with confidence. The long list of products it offers grows everyday to fit the needs of buyers from over 31 countries.

We take care of all your industrial and public safety needs at wholesale prices.