AirBoss Bunny Boot

Extreme Cold Weather Boots
AirBoss Bunny Boot

The AirBoss Bunny Boot is considered as one of the world\'s warmest boot. The Bunny\'s special rubber compound provides excellent physical properties such as POL resistant outsole, 100% Waterproof from both outside and inside and assured flexibility even

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The Bunny\'s insulation is completely encapsulated within rubber to assure it always stays dry and maintains maximum insulation properties. While being an excellent Extreme cold weather boot, the Bunny boot is also NBC resistant (more than 75 minutes for mustard / 100 minutes for GB).

The Bunny boot is available in white color, with or wihout air-valve (for use during high altitude activities) comes in three widths, size 3 through 14 and is compatible with NATO ski bindings, crampons and snow shoes.